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Calculating Construction Damages (Construction Law Library)

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Calculating Construction Damages (Construction Law Library) Overview

The first comprehensive guide to calculating recoverable damages in construction claims. Written by recognized experts in the area of construction claims, CALCULATING CONSTRUCTION DAMAGES provides step-by-step guidelines for valuing a claim and calculating the damages. It offers detailed discussions of the legal basis for many different types of damages. This unique resource also helps you accurately calculate dollar values for virtually all the mitigating factors of your case. Organized by type of damage rather than type of claim, its mathematical techniques help you determine the true damages of cost overrun for labor and equipment, small tools, added material, bonds and insurance, home office and job sire overhead, interest costs, and even the effect of lost profit. With this kind of detailed damage analysis, you can present and defend claims with confidence.

Calculating Construction Damages (Construction Law Library) Table Of Content

Ch. 1 Overview of Damage Calculation 1
Ch. 2 Labor Costs 13
Ch. 3 Equipment and Small Tool Costs 31
Ch. 4 Material Costs 53
Ch. 5 Bond and Insurance Costs 67
Ch. 6 Home Office Overhead 77
Ch. 7 Jobsite Overhead 97
Ch. 8 Profit 105
Ch. 9 Interest 115
Ch. 10 Attorneys' Fees and Claim Preparation Costs 131
Ch. 11 Presentation of Damages 137
Ch. 12 Owners' Claims Against Contractors 145
Appendixes 151
Table of Cases 237
Index 249

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